[from the archives]

I once had a worship team member who felt that it was an imposition to practice. “When I’m off work, that’s family time – I can wing my way through the music” was the feeling, more or less. I said that was fine – but not as a member of the worship team. We weren’t telling anybody that they had to do anything, but we had no problem setting parameters for what is expected of people who chose to serve on the worship team. We were [and are] serious about doing our best for God and the people that He has entrusted us to serve.
A couple of quotes by Ben Patterson nail down why:
QUOTE #1: “A good metaphor for the true freedom of disciplined Christian worship can be found in the dancer’s art. Nothing looks more free and spontaneous than a great dancer performing. But beneath all that freedom and spontaneity are years of drills, repetition, sweat, strain, and more drills.”
QUOTE #2: “Sunday morning worship is to the rest of our lives what cultivation is to a garden. We weed, prune, water, and feed to the end that the garden may be beautiful – spontaneous gardens are not; disciplined gardens are.”

God [and the congregation] deserve our best.

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