Many pastors use TVs for their sermon notes these days – it avoids having part of the screen covered by a “lower third” or some other text-display option – it also allows the pastors to advance the “slides” themselves, circle/underline/highlight words or draw on the screen, etc… That’s usually all we see of them in our auditoriums, because individual TVs aren’t large enough to use as a direct display devices to the congregation [except in the smallest rooms].

However, there is an outside-the-box way of looking at TVs – as a light. In fact, that’s what they are – comparatively advanced units meant to light up. In this case, not to project light externally, but to light up internally. As such, they can be used as a unique option or as a replacement for types of lighting that are meant to directly face the congregation [for instance, a blinder wall]. If we get beyond the idea that a TV is only for content display, we open up some cool staging options. It’s simply a different sort of look.   :  )

TVs can be utilized for unique lighting/staging effects.

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