There’s No Business Like Snow Business

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It’s the beginning of September, but it won’t be long until…

Love this shot. It’s a volunteer doing a job. A non-glamourous job. Not every job is glamourous. And EVERY job has its non-glamourous parts. It’s when we are dealing with those details – the parts of our job that we don’t like – that our character and integrity come through.

Because those non-glamourous jobs need to be done. The annoying little details have to be handled. The hard conversations need to be had. Etc…Etc…Etc… I’ve dealt with those by using checklists. The lists make sure that I don’t conveniently “forget” to do the jobs I don’t like – and there’s at least the satisfaction of being able to check off the little box.

This is especially true for service planning – we want to do the brainstorming and come up with the awesome ideas, but when it comes to the implementation, sometimes the process grinds to a halt. So get busy – make those checklists – implement. Even the non-glamorous parts…

A leader is willing to do the non-glamorous parts of the job.

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