GOAT Doesn’t Always Mean “Greatest Of All Time”

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So – today let’s talk about animals in services. Live animals. In particular, goats. I think there’s a reason that goats are used as the bad example in the Bible. In addition to having those weird rectangular irises in their eyeballs, they are – shall we say – hard to handle. Two examples from my personal experience:

  1. Goat #1 was being used along with a man dressed as a shepherd. He got loose backstage [during the service], ran around to avoid capture and left a number of smelly “presents” for us to locate and clean up. I am convinced that, had we not caught him, he would have made it to every nook and cranny of our building [including the tip of the steeple, as in the photo below…];
  2. Goat #2 was an animal actor in a large scale Christmas drama. In this case, he was unfortunately placed next to a woman who was playing a flower merchant. Said goat decided to sample the flowers, and found them to be delicious. The woman tried to pull them away, whereupon the goat jumped up on her [not unlike goat yoga] and ate an amazing amount of flowers in a very short time.

That being said, I have seen goats behave very respectfully as parts of living nativities – I guess that they take that role a little more seriously…

Live animals in services – a good idea?

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