These are cosmetology heads, most commonly used for hair styling and makeup practice. However, they are also a part of the church tech world – they are mounted on mic stands and used to aim lights. The fact that they are three-dimensional helps the lighting programmer/designer see if shadows are being cast across the face, how the colors will affect skin tone, etc… – they are a very helpful tool.

I post this mainly to educate non-techies so that you don’t think that your production people are psycho when you walk into the auditorium during the week and see heads on spikes across the front of the platform. The first time I experienced this was at Willow Creek – I walked onto the platform [in a darkened room] from backstage, and directly into one of these heads. I may or may not have let out a small scream like a little girl…

Cosmetology heads are used to aim lights

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