Like it or not, anyone that is up on the platform in front of your church is viewed [to varying levels] as someone who represents the church. While no human that has walked this earth [with the exception of One] is without fault, the expectation is that followers of Jesus will actually follow Him [ie attempt to live by His words and in His example]. Not doing so sends a message to the world that we’re all talk…

I had a congregation member come to me once and say that they had seen one of my key volunteers swearing loudly and repeatedly at the manager of a store because of a disagreement. The person questioned why that individual was on the platform on Sunday, and then living a life like that outside of the church building. I didn’t have a good answer…

It’s OK to have expectations of your team members [including volunteers]. You need to be clear what those expectations are, but have them. I know it’s hard to find talented musicians and tech people. I know that you’re under pressure to ramp things up and tone things down [simultaneously] and all sorts of other unrealistic expectations. However, call people to be holy. Jesus did [and does]. You, too. Live the best life you can. Be an example. And keep pointing people to the Best Example.


Call your team to represent Jesus well

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