The expectations on worship teams to deliver high quality services each and every week have consistently risen in recent years. The time commitment for a weekend service in a large church can easily equal 20 hours or more per week. This sets the bar pretty high for volunteers, and sometimes churches need to [or want to] bring in pro players to help shoulder the load.

This creates a quandary – what do you look for?

Pro players are used to being hired for their musical talents, not their “spiritual side.” To some, a church is simply another gig, with its own unique set of distinctives. That’s unhealthy for your team in the long run – I would advise against having long-term musicians who aren’t believers and on board with what you’re doing as a church. That being said, one of my dear friends was impacted to the point of making a faith decision through experiencing church and his interactions with the worship team – all because he was brought in to play….

On the vocal side, it’s easier. I do not believe that a non-Christian should ever be leading vocally – we make that person into a hypocrite the minute we ask them to sing the words of a worship song on the platform. More to come in the days ahead…

How do you deal with pro players?

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