This week our church hosted a Chris Tomlin worship concert [see my post a few days ago]. It was a wonderful time of worship and many people were touch and impacted. I have been able to help book and plan quite a few Christian concerts over the years. I think they are a win for the church.

That being said, I think that church leadership has to have a clear understanding of what the concerts can and cannot do. The biggest misperception that I see out there is the idea that the concerts will help to grow the church. Understand that [with a few exceptions] these events will not be evangelical in nature – the hard reality is that unchurched people don’t often flock to buy tickets for Christian artists.


Given that, why do them?

  1. It’s fun. It’s a God-focused form of entertainment [or more than that, depending on the worship focus of the event];
  2. It allows people from multiple churches to worship together;
  3. It inspires congregational members that their church would be willing and able to host a concert;
  4. Most Christian concerts support/work with some sort of charitable cause.


I have found that nights of worship are personally the most impactful, but – that being said – the majority of Christian artists have had spiritual impact on people’s lives in some way, which is part of what makes them a potential “draw” for a concert.

[Attached Photo: Matthew West in concert at Northview Church – Carmel Campus, Carmel, IN]

Matthew West In Concert

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