I’ve become a fan of Church of the Highlands in Alabama. Aside from being one of the largest multi-site churches in the US, they have become models of what unleashing the gifting of the congregation can look like. In particular, I’ve gotten to know Justin Bradshaw, who – at the beginning – was a volunteer who simply wanted to help his church. He came up with the idea for Infuse, the worship training process at Highlands – I’ve discussed that in previous postings. I’ve become a fan, not just of what he does, but how he does it. He’s a people person – but he started as a task-oriented guy. Through a family tragedy, God grabbed ahold of him and forced him to look at his own life. Here’s how he turned it around:


“‘When is the last time you sat across the table from someone to listen to what they had to say?’


Now this question doesn’t seem deep. In fact, in the moment I began to debunk the idea that there was even any weight to this “out of left field” notion. “Of course I have listened to plenty of people”, I thought. “I mean, just the other day I…”. Or “a few weeks ago me and…”. Nothing… the truth is I couldn’t remember the last time I spoke with someone without carrying my own agenda to the table. I had spent so much time focusing on my own pursuits, that I lacked awareness towards the needs of others. I believe this is something that God had been whispering to me for a long time, but now I was finally listening.”

Church Of The Highlands

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