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Worship leaders, tomorrow you will lead services. You may feel pumped, on fire for God – or you may feel dry and used up. Either way – worship. Here’s the thing – we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that if we don’t feel it, it’s inauthentic. That is COMPLETELY untrue. God is worthy of praise and worship no matter how we feel, or what we feel about it. Basing worship on our feelings centers the worship squarely on us, and that’s the exact opposite of where the center should be…

What it comes down to is a word that we [particularly we Americans] view as one of the few remaining dirty words: Obedience. Think of it like going into battle [which it actually is, much more than we realize] – there may be times when you’re brave, but you’re much more likely to be scared out of your wits, or sick to your stomach, etc… But you go anyway, because you know what’s on the line. You muster up the courage you have and go do it anyway. That’s not being fake, that’s LIFE – showing joy for the mercy and love of God, not necessarily because we feel it but because we KNOW IT’S TRUE!

C.S. Lewis had a pretty good handle on in, IMO:


“Don’t expect (I mean, don’t count on and don’t demand) that…you will have all the feelings you would like to have. You may, of course: but you also may not. But don’t worry if you don’t get them. They aren’t what matter. The things that are happening to you are quite real things whether you feel as you would wish or not, just as a meal will do a hungry person good even if he has a cold in the head which will rather spoil the taste. Our Lord will give us right feelings if He wishes—and then we must say ‘Thank You.’ If He doesn’t, then we must say to ourselves (and Him) that He knows us best. “ #creativeworshipideas

Worship Regardless Of Feelings

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