I do my best each day to set aside some time for input, meaning reading, viewing or listening that teaches me or challenges me. I need that inflow, because I have found that I have been the least effective in both ministry and life when there is only outflow happening. First of all, I’m just not that smart and creative, and the reality is that I don’t have unlimited energy to draw from. When I’m looking for ideas for service planning, team leadership, etc…, I try to look for truths, rather than trends – I will often read or listen to materials from 20 years ago, or 200 years ago… I will also consider sources that I don’t agree 100% with stylistically, philosophically or on non-essential doctrine.

One author I’ve read is Bob Kaufman. Our denominational beckgrounds are quite different, and I don’t agree with all that I read from him – however, I have found that there is wisdom to be found beyond our own personal experiences and preferences. So, in that spirit, here are a couple of quick gems of wisdom from Bob K.:

“The purpose of worship is to enter in to a fresh awareness of who God is, what he has done, and how that affects our past, present and future.”

“If we want God’s people to glorify Him, we must sow to His glory. We must paint a compelling, attractive, grand, biblical picture of our great God and Savior.”


Quality output come from consistent input

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