The worship pastor is the 2nd most influential person in your church in many cases. That may not be true from an org chart or policy making standpoint, but it’s definitely true from a facetime standpoint. In fact – in multisite churches – the worship pastor is on the platform significantly longer each weekend than the average campus pastor.

From the point of view of the congregation, that makes him or her a key leader. Senior Pastors/Execs, don’t assume that a new worship pastor [especially a first time church staff member] understands the impact of this – discuss it with them. Many worship pastor are very musically talented, but have little to no leadership training, and many lack experience dealing with being in the public eye [ie under the microscope]. Walk alongside of them – cast vision and dig into it together. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to warn or take disciplinary action against a young leader for a problem that you’re responsible for through your lack of action. Invest the time on the front end, and you’ll be happier for it in the long haul.

The Worship Leader Is Highly Influential


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