In my time as a service producer, I have never been a huge fan of live interviews. The primary reason is that I have found that many pastors and other church staff DRASTICALLY underestimate how long a live interview will take. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard a phrase similar to the following: “Let’s bring Bob up and have him talk about his missions trip to Uganda. We’ll show a few pictures, it’ll be great – 60 seconds, tops.” In my decades of ministry, I don’t remember an interview EVER going only 60 seconds, lol. Ten minutes+ is more of a realistic range. To help with both length and the nerves of the person being interviewed, here are a couple suggestions that may work for you:

  1. Write it out. Choose your questions in advance (2-3 tops), and send them to the person being interviewed;
  2. Rehearse it. You will get a much more realistic sense of how long it’s going by running it at least once. Don’t use your service as a dress rehearsal;

Use visual support. People are used to checking out during interviews because, in all honesty, they are usually either boring or a “pitch.” Using visuals helps to retain engagement – in the case of the attached photo, we created the visual ambiance of a talk around a campfire, rather than using video support.

Live Interviews Take More Time Than You Think – Make Them Interesting

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