Worship pastors, vocal warmups should be a part of your daily schedule – particularly on days that you are leading. I’m not talking about warming up by singing the songs you’ll be doing, I mean actual formal old-school vocal warmups – scales, skips, “mah meh mee moh moo” – that sort of stuff. Here’s why:

  1. They work out your entire range – many worship pastors have underdeveloped lower ranges, and over time daily warmups will build that up;
  2. They work on breath support, as well as all of the various muscles that you need to have solid vocal control – doing only songs is like trying to get in shape by only lifting weights. You’ll have decent muscles, but you’ll be out of breath after running 100 feet;
  3. They help your pitch – a lot. I have seen a clear and noticeable difference in pitch stability between vocalists who do warmups and those who do not;
  4. It protects your voice by making it less likely that you’ll strain it – it’s like stretching before a run.

Long story short, it’s part of your job. And it’s good for you. Do ‘em everyday!

Worship Pastors need vocal warmups as a daily discipline.

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