Christmas is fast approaching – less than two months away, as I’m sure that you can tell by the decorations that went up the day after Halloween. Hopefully, your service planning is done for the rest of the year – however, I know the realities of church work, so here’s a post of opinions/ideas that may help with getting ready if you’re not quite there yet…

If you’re doing a 4 week series in December, don’t use every idea week one. Save something special for the weeks that come after – particularly Christmas Eve. That goes for décor, as well as service elements. Something should be noticeably different on Christmas Eve itself – maybe it’s garland across the front of the stage, or a lighting effect, etc… Ideally something that will make people want to take photos and post to social media…

As for elements, I’ve found a gradual build works well. We often put up the basic look at the beginning of Dec., and let that be enough for week one. For week two, we included a Christmas worship song/carol or two, and did something family oriented [usually a baby dedication]. Week three was usually the weekend before Christmas, and that one was full-on Christmas [i.e. all of the songs were carols].

Then comes Christmas Eve [stay tuned for more in coming days]…  #creativeworshipideas


Christmas is coming – gradually build up to it.

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