In my role as a church leader over the years, I have hired quite a few people. Usually creatives – worship, production, video, graphic artists, etc…I’ve also led interns and residents, and the savvy ones among them have asked me what I look for when I’m hiring…

Let’s take production. A solid walk with God comes first, of course. What I look for in a production leader on the skillset side is someone who has good general skills and significant expertise and experience in at least one of the key production areas. They need to be at functional in audio, lighting and live video [with video editing skills as a big plus], and exceptional in at least one of those areas.

Skill set is just one piece of the pie – I use the acronym A.V.I.S. [like the car rental place] to break it down. A is for ATTITUDE – do they want to be there and are they “can-do?” Many techies have an engineering mindset, constantly looking for problems, which is a necessity in their job. However, that can bleed over and turn into general negativity. V is for VOLUNTEERS – can they recruit, train, organize and support volunteers [including spiritually]? I is for INTERACTIONS. Most production staff I know are [quite intelligent] introverts, but they need to be able to interact with others – particularly other staff and their volunteer teams – without sarcasm or a condescending attitude. And S is for SKILLS [described above]. More on this in days to come…

Hire for Attitude, Volunteer Leadership, Interactions, Skills

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