A quick post about church production budgets. It’s an interesting quirk in churches – some of the most innovative lighting and staging that I am seeing comes from mid-sized churches, as opposed to the largest churches. I’m convinced that a big part of it is their budget – they have some money to build a solid look and feel, but not so much where they can afford to continually buy or rent gear. They have to continually ask themselves “what’s the best thing that I can do with what I have?,” and sometimes they come up with uniquely creative “outside-the-box” ideas.

Personally, I will occasionally rent, but will default towards buying things that can be consistently or  at least periodically used. Truss – like the truss in the attached photo, for example – is a good expenditure in my mind. It can be used in a wide variety of different ways, and can serve as the base or structural support for lighting and/or lightweight staging. Versatility adds value.

Spend your production budget wisely – truss is a good bet.

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