In my early years of college, I was as guilty as anyone else of cramming for exams. Sometimes I got lucky, but most of the time it held me back from achieving what I could have. I eventually stopped doing that, and recorded my notes to listen to in the car, which changed OK to honor roll. Long story short – putting things off until you’re less busy, or less stress, or less tired, etc… never works. Those times never come, and you just end up overwhelming yourself

Each day, move the ball. Don’t plan to do a month’s work of work in a day, and then get depressed when you come up short. Don’t work for 15 minutes and then “recover” for 45. You know, it’s just not that hard. If you cut the dramatics and hit one thing at a time – until it’s finished, if you can – you will reduce the stress in your life [and in the lives of the people that come in contact with you].  :  )

Don’t “cram” your way through life…

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