Sometimes it’s great to take things on the road… You know, worship does not equal three songs, announcements and a message. That’s a structure [which actually does work well much of the time], but there is nothing inherently holy about that model. Many of the most incredible moments of worship that happen in our world have nothing to do with our church buildings at all.

Unique worship alternatives that I don’t see out there too often – but which are often VERY powerful – are walkthrough prayer experiences. The concept is that you remake a space and send people on a journey through various environments. Sometimes they are driven by signage, sometimes by booklets, sometimes by headsets, etc… If designed well, the experience can be immensely impactful – people are drawn into a “story,” and stories are how we communicate best. The reason they don’t happen very often is that they take a TON of hard work and intensive planning to come into being – but few things of real value in life happen without real effort. If you need to break your congregation out of a worship rut, you may want to give it a try.

Walkthrough prayer experiences can be powerful.

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