Today’s post hits a topic that should be obvious, but – sad to say – it’s not. Guitar and bass players – TUNE YOUR INTRUMENTS. I’m amazed at how many times I’ve seen services where it was clear that someone had skipped this essential step. I know that sometimes you’re not in ideal environments – playing outside, or close to hot lights, for example – where the heat/cold or humidity can fight you. I know that sometimes your instrument may be an issue in and of itself  – I have a Les Paul that seems to delight in quickly going out of tune [my fault for not getting it taken care of].

However, quite frankly, most of the time it’s simply laziness or a blatant lack of attention. I actually witnessed a service where a professional looking countdown hit zero, the worship team strongly kicked in – and then, about three chords in – the worship leader stopped the song to tune! Stopped the song! Finally, after we all sat and watched the tuning process for about 2 minutes, the set started, went well for a few songs, and then was stopped AGAIN because it hadn’t gotten completely tune the first time. You could’ve picked my lower jaw up off the floor. The lesson? Tune your guitar. BEFORE the service.

Make sure you’re tuned up – BEFORE the service.

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