iMag or no iMag? First off, for you non-techies [lol], iMag stands for “image magnification.” That’s the live video that is projected onto the screens at many churches. The purpose, in short is to zoom in on the action or the speaker, primarily to capture facial expressions and body language [which are a big deal in interpersonal communication of any sort].

My opinion? I think it is non-essential, but nice to have. It really does make a positive difference if you can see the passion or intensity in someone’s eyes as they are preaching a sermon or leading a song. I know some churches use iMag for the message, but don’t for the worship section – this is many times to avoid being accused of putting on a show or pumping the egos of worship leaders. A brief rabbit trail… quite frankly, I think if there’s an ego issue like that with the team, it needs to be addressed directly and forcefully, not handled passively through “sending a message” by limiting iMag…

Used correctly, live video really does add a great creative option for the church. BTW, the church in the photo is the awesome folks at Eastside Christian in Anaheim, CA.

iMag can help your communicators to do their jobs more effectively.

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