OK, here’s a post from the “Ideas That Didn’t Quite Work” file. We had a message entitled “Leftovers” – it was a great message, with a great object lesson as part of it. As might be expected, we thought “Hey, let’s use leftovers in a fridge as the look for the day.” Great in theory, but I broke one of the important rules of church production: “Consider your camera shots.”

The look was effective when no one was on the stage – if a little gross. It had the effect we were looking for, shall we say. However, during the actual sermon, the look behind the preaching pastor was so “busy” that it was a distraction. There was too much going on from a visual standpoint, and it made to difficult to see the various items that he was interacting with during the message. Plus, the scaling was off – it just looks weird when you have 10-foot wide containers of chicken wings behind your preacher…

Consider your camera shots…

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