Working with schools can certainly be a challenge. Set up/tear down church in general is an exhausting endeavor, and I know that it can be made even more difficult when schools put lots of rules and restrictions on you. However, let me give some insight from the other side. I was a teacher before I became a pastor. Like ministry, it can be very challenging. Like ministry, you don’t have much money. Like ministry, there’s an endless list of things to do – for people who sometimes are not very appreciative.
Be one of the ones that IS appreciative. Make sure that you put things back EXACTLY as they were. The last thing a teacher needs is to “rebuild” his or her room on Monday morning because the church teams ignored the agreed upon setup plans. Leave a thank you gift on the teacher’s desk every once in a while [not your leftover donuts from Sunday]. And consider a permanent goodwill gift – perhaps leaving theatrical lights when you move out in thanks for them allowing you to hang them and not have to set them up every week.

Be a good partner to your hosting school.

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