The standard worship set for many churches is an uptempo worship song, a midtempo worship dong and then a more intimate song/ballad. It’s the standard because it works [for reasons to in-depth to go into in this post]. However, this structure sometimes opens the door for a potential problem – an awkward transition into a service host time/announcements. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a powerful worship moment ended by a passionate prayer be undone by the sudden and jarring entrance of a very upbeat service host…

Thankfully, there’s a fairly easy solution. End the worship set with a build, instead of ending quietly. Many of the most popular worship songs right now are “power ballads” – songs which start intimately, but build and build, especially in the bridge section. Ending on the powerful part of the song gives a much more natural transition into announcements.

Transition smoothly into service hosting.

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