[Written in the midst of the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine]

It’s interesting. I see a lot more calm people out there than one would expect by looking at the news. The reason – character shows itself in a crises. People step up. They are there for each other. They want to help. For every person that I see freaking out, there are many who are adapting and adjusting their lives to simply live the best they can. They are concerned, but not falling apart. For every social media “warrior” using this as an opportunity to bash their victim of choice, there are many more using that same technology to check up on and support those in need.
It really is a character issue. Fear is by it’s nature self-focused. God has asked us to trust in him, to be courageous. I struggle with that, in truth. I actually don’t feel that fearful in the midst of this, but I wouldn’t say that I’m courageous to the level that I would desire. That’s because I’m too focused on me – when I shine a light into my own heart, I see way too much emphasis on MY comfort, MY safety, MY finances, MY wellness, MY future…
The only times that I’m living as I should is when I realize that God has got this. He’s in control, even though there are far too many times that I wish that I was. He sees the whole story, whereas I only see a page at a time. So – today’s challenge for myself, for all of us – especially those of us who serve in the church – is to trust. To release fear. To be courageous. Max Lucado nails it: “The question is not, will God keep his promises, but, will we build our lives upon them?”

Keep calm and carry on.

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