Remote Control, Or A Lack Thereof

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A piece of wisdom that I read recently: “Remote work is not all sunshine and yoga pants.” This particular tidbit came from the folks at Trello, but I think it’s something universal that we are learning in one way or another. Some things are easy to do remotely – some aren’t. Online services – especially the music parts – aren’t very easy if you don’t have people skilled in online presentation. They’re not impossible – just not easy…

Thankfully, meetings are something that can be done remotely without too much difficulty. A couple of quick tips: Keep your “Zoom” meetings short. Set a maximum limit, but not a minimum limit. Work usually expands to fill whatever time frame that you give it, so an endless time frame is not a good choice… The social interaction part is a big deal now, maybe the most important part. Focus on that, and handle the nitty-gritty details by e-mail. Lastly, give EVERYONE a chance to talk – in fact, insist on it. It’s easy for introverts to hide in zoom meetings, especially since the extroverts will be overwhelmed with joy simply by the fact of being able to interact with other grownups. Make sure the whole team has a chance to tell you how they’re doing.

Not everything is easy to do from home…

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