I am a pastor. People expect pastors to say certain things. To be “optimistic,” or – more accurately – to point people towards hope. So, instead of my words today, let’s hear from a doctor – Dr. Frederick Loomis, written in the years following the Great Depression and World War II.

“I am a doctor, not a preacher; but a doctor, too, must try to understand the joys and sorrows of those who come to him…Moaning over what cannot be helped is a confession of futility and fear, or emotional stagnation – in fact, of selfishness and cowardice. The best way to break this vicious, morbid circle – to “snap out of it” – is to stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about other people. You can lighten your own load by doing something for someone else… As a doctor, I have seen it tried many, many times and nearly always it has been a far more successful prescription than anything that I could have ordered from the drugstore.”

I agree. Serving others is what we need to do – in fact, it’s what we were specifically designed to do. And, as I said at the beginning, I am a pastor – part of my job is to point people towards hope. That is indeed what we pastors do, except it is Hope, not hope…

Find hope by helping others.

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