[Written in the midst of the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown] Yesterday, I gave my opinions [or inflicted them upon you, depending on how you look at it] on the best options for preaching during the quarantine. Today, let’s talk about worship. Again, though I am a major proponent of high-production worship, I think this is a season where the rules have gone out the window, at least temporarily. Similarly to what I said about preaching, I think the best option is to do it from home, with each person sending in his or her part and putting them together [it doesn’t have to be perfect quality audio, just solid]. That being said, I realize that the option above is simply beyond the technological ability of many churches, some of whom are struggling just to have a message up each week. A simplified version is a single worship leader with an acoustic guitar leading worship songs.

If it’s impossible to go stripped-down, I would encourage you to pull worship from your archives – if you have video – or to have your team record as many sets in a single day as possible, and then rotate those for the remaining days of the lockdown. It’s been asked if worship music is even necessary during this period, since – let’s be honest – there aren’t going to be high percentages of your congregation singing along at the tops of their voices in their homes [especially if they live in apartments, lol]. I think it IS necessary – people need a way to directly interact with God in the service, not just hear a message. They need to sing – in their hearts and minds, if not with their voices – and they need to pray. To acknowledge God for who He is, especially in this time. Otherwise, the service runs the danger of simply turning into a class or lecture. More to come…

Going basic when doing online worship can be more effective…

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