Don’t worry, pastors – it’s not just you. Many, many have felt like they just don’t know what to do. You may feel that you didn’t handle [or aren’t handling] this whole Coronavirus thing perfectly. You know what? You’re right, you didn’t. Expecting perfection from yourself or others is a tool that Satan will happily use to get you to self-destruct, or to destroy the relationships between you and those around you. Strive for faithfulness, not perfection.

Your home has also likely become your workplace. In some ways, that’s great. But it may feel that your surroundings have surrounded you. Get out, take a walk – somewhere where you don’t normally walk. Break your routine, take a mini-vacation. Above all, keep things in perspective. Very few issues or problems are life and death – don’t blow a “ripple in a puddle” up to where you think it’s an all-encompassing tidal wave. Simply do your best – and let God do the rest. That may sound like a cliché, but that’s because it is glaringly and obviously true when you think about it for more than a minute. So take a deep breath and relax – and then, get back to work… imperfectly.

Only God is perfect – give yourself a break.

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