Don’t Try To Do Someone Else’s Job

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“There can be no dillydallying around with the commands of Christ. We are engaged in warfare, the issues of which are life and death, and every day that we are indifferent to our responsibilities is a day lost to the cause of Christ.” – Robert E. Coleman


The quote above stresses me out. Actually, that’s not true – it’s my reaction to the quote that causes the stress. Like many others, I sometimes fool myself into thinking that anxiety is a thing, something that attacks me. But anxiety is not a cause, it’s a result. It often appears when I blow my responsibilities way out of proportion, and start acting like it’s my job to save the world. That’s Someone Else’s job…

My job is simply to obey. I don’t like to obey, and that’s where a lot of the stress comes from. It pops up as an excuse when I realize I’m being lazy, or micromanaging, or avoiding, or whatever. It especially shows up when I want to control.


In reality, I know what I have to do:


Love imperfect people

Reach out to those who are lost

Serve God and the church


It’s not that hard. I don’t have to be perfect – just faithful. So today, I’ll start over – yet again. And I’ll help you, if I can. We can help others together. And God will help all of us.

Don’t Do Someone Else’s Job

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