As I have talked to churches over the years, budget is a recurring theme. Some churches budget based on the calendar year, but many follow the “school year,” since it takes the planning process out of the busy Christmas season. Regardless of when it happens, most churches are trying to get the best “bang for the buck,” particularly in these times of uncertain finances.

A thought as you enter the process – simply be reasonable. Throughout the course of my career, I have heard the recurring theme in churches [and virtually every other business or organization] that we have to “do more with less.” Efficiency and economy are good goals to have – however, simple logic makes it clear that, at some point, cutting back yields negative results. You can’t always do more with less, and you often do get exactly what you pay for. Don’t regret your planning over and over by trying to do things too cheaply, instead of budgeting appropriately. It may be a wiser course of action to do less, but do what you choose to focus on with higher quality. More on this in the days to come…

Budget to give teams what they need to do their jobs.

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