Pastors – a hard truth for you today. There is no “silver bullet.” It’s human nature to want to seek solutions, to find just the right worship order, or staffing structure, or whatever. The reality of many situations, however, is that there will be ongoing tensions – they are not situations that can be “solved” by developing a set of practices and then repeating – and repeating – and repeating…

First off, doing the same exact thing over and over is rarely a good plan – it encourages stagnation. I get it – in the midst of COVID, we are longing for routine, but the danger of that routine is that it VERY easily slips into autopilot. You may long for the predictability of days gone by, but be honest – was “ministry as usual” really working that well in the first place? Humans are weird creatures, and pastors and church staff are human – we simultaneously thrive on and resist change. However, the ability to change and adapt is absolutely critical to anyone in leadership. And – truth be told – it’s just not that hard if you don’t overdramatize,  get lazy and/or become too enamored of your own solutions.

Autopilot is a poor strategy…


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