Worship pastors: A quick bit of advice…start your rehearsals on time. That may seem like a no brainer, but I have seen many examples of rehearsal times that were delayed by waiting for latecomers. In many cases, I think that the worship leader either doesn’t want there to be a missing part [particularly a drum part, lol] or just doesn’t want to appear insensitive to the latecomer. In reality, waiting can in many cases be more insensitive. By doing so, you make it clear to the rest of the team that the late individual is personally responsible for their time being wasted, which can cause internal strife and resentment, especially if it’s a widespread or repetitive problem. Eventually, people stop believing that the 7pm you told them rehearsal starts at actually means 7pm, and the issue intensifies…

By starting on time, you honor both your team and your word.

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