Christmas is coming! If you haven’t started planning yet, you should – and every once in a while, you really need to pull out the stops and create a stage set or do something else visually that causes people to go “Wow!” “Why?” you may ask, “isn’t that just putting on a show? Art for art’s sake? Etc…” No – the idea is that you are creating a “mind picture.” Let me give you an example… Think about a person you love. Think about your elementary school. Think about how you felt the day you took your drivers test. When you thought about each of those things, in virtually every case, you had a picture in your mind to go with it. You “saw” the person you love and the school and the car you drove. A stage set gives the congregation a “visual” for a sermon series – if every message is simply the senior pastor talking, there’s less to remember. The fact is that “seeing” is a huge part of how we experience things…
There’s an added benefit to a set. If people are excited by and proud of what they see and what’s going on at church, there’s a good possibility that they’ll post it to their social media. Social media gives them a chance to interest people in coming to church in a way that has never existed before. There are goods and bads, but the ability to instantaneously show the church in action to thousands of social media friends is a big positive.

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