“Flexibility is the key to ministry.” Someone taught me that phrase early on in my ministry years. That truth has played out in a big way in churches around the world in recent days – the combination of Covid and hyper-speed cultural and political upheaval have hit the church hard. Some have pivoted well, some are deeply struggling, all are impacted. I have not posted much for the past several months because: 1] I have been very busy with the aforementioned pivoting, and; 2] I have been watching, seeing what has been happening and trying to learn from it [or at least gain some sort of handle on what actually IS happening, lol]. When problems arise, I see two primary categories of people: avoiders and activists. Avoiders will sit tight, just hoping the whole thing goes away as soon as possible. Activists will want to take immediate, decisive action – they will be struggling with the fact that they can’t force things back to “normal” through the sheer power of their will. I’m that way. However, the reality is that neither avoidance nor activism will work to solve the current crises, although we need some of each at the moment.The biggest need is for prayer. This is a God-sized problem, so the only viable path is to take it to Him, and then let Him guide our actions and calm our fears and anxiety. We can do some things, but – through God – ALL things are possible, including the miraculous. That’s not just a trite saying – it is, in fact, our only hope. So, guide your people, help them, resource them, teach them and unleash them in prayer. It’s what we should be doing in ANY situation…

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