I have been simultaneously deeply concerned and greatly heartened over the course of the past year. I have seen the church [and it’s pastors and staff] step up in some very real ways. Of course, there are, and always will be opportunists, nay-sayers and the like out there, but I have also seen a great deal of flexibility, care, and compassion. People continue to be deeply scared, but most of you have been doing exactly what we need to do – pointing them towards Jesus Christ.Our job now is to maintain that flexibility and to prep for the long run. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon – even when it’s over, and life is back to “normal” (if there is such a thing), some of changes that have happened in our culture and inside of us are permanent. This is a defining event. The good news is that we get to help define it – either as yet another series of crippling fears to add to the list, or as an era that helped us to regain who we are and what we are about… to regain our center… to regain courage… to regain faith…“What is your priority in your moment of crises? Is it that God’s will be fulfilled? Is it that the promises be proved and the plan be lived out? Or is it safety, convenience, expedience, ambition, or comfort? We have a multitude of voices distracting us from the hard way of God’s Word; and only one keeping us there. But it’s the essential voice…” – Chris Tiegreen

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