A quick shoutout today to some unsung heroes… We have seen thanks expressed to healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers in the midst of Covid. And VERY rightfully so – these people have put their lives on the line to provide care and support for others. In addition to these, I’d like to acknowledge a group of church staff and volunteers who may not be life savers in a literal sense, but who have stepped up, reorganized their lives in a big way and put in extra hours [and beyond] to keep church happening – I’m talking the Production/Tech Teams [woo hoo]!

The church had to quickly move into online mode without a whole lot of advance warning. Then many moved back to live. And then maybe back online again. And live again… All with the expectation that it’ll be top-notch every time. Looking across the country, I am very impressed and inspired by how many churches there are who actually have made those changes with amazing rapidity and pretty doggone decent [and ever increasing] quality. In basements, extra bedrooms, and even living rooms across the country, Bat-Cave style collections of monitors and other various gear have been hastily erected and have made possible the services we see each weekend. Well done, techies – it wouldn’t have happened without you!!!  

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