I am a pastor. This Covid thing has been hard for us pastors. Especially our egos. You see, many of us pastors have developed have developed messiah complexes – we can become so wrapped up in pointing people towards God, that we start thinking that our pointing is the essential part of the equation. It’s not.

This was hard, because it was a reminder of just how little control we actually have. Of how expendable we are. And we are expendable. Nothing we build, envision, strategize, develop, etc… will last. Think about your great grandparents. Can you name them all? Can you name ANY of them? 

Don’t get depressed, that’s actually unbelievably good news. It means that you’re not personally responsible for saving the world. It’s just your job – as a senior pastor, or worship pastor, or groups pastor, or church secretary, or parking lot volunteer – to say “yes.” To say “yes” to God when He puts His desires into your heart. Then just do your job. Don’t try to do His. My friend Randy Frazee gets it: “I don’t know about you, but I would rather rest in the fact that I am a child of God than wear myself out trying to be God.” #creativeworshipideas

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