To be able to grow as individuals, we need to pause every so often and take inventory – ask ourselves “How am I doing?” That’s perhaps even more important as a team. I would strongly suggest that every weekend services team build some sort of regular [ie weekly] evaluation into your systems. Take an open and sincere look at the weekend after the fact and ask: “Did these services accomplish what we had hoped?”

These evaluation sessions have to be free from fear – i.e. focused on improvement, not on placing blame. However, they also have to be honest, which mean no rebuttals. It stings when I get critique, and if there’s anything that we are in this day and age, it’s pain adverse – it’s human nature to want to avoid that sting. However, failing and trying again is how we grow and get better, and the first step of that process is actually admitting that you failed.  

3/19/2011 Northview Church

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