I have spent much of my life working in the ideation, creation and implementation of live worship services. In big churches, the level of complexity is very similar to that of a live television broadcast, and it take a whole team of people working together seamlessly to make it happen. For that sort of team to function consistently, there needs to be leadership – leadership with understanding of the unique demands of live services and simultaneously the wiring of the individuals who make up the team.

Ultimately, leadership is going after the win/win. No one will follow a leaders long-term who are in it for themselves. Consistently casting the vision, looping in team members, helping them to understand how their direct contribution matters [and expressing appreciation for it] are all key elements. Showing mutual respect is the core of any long-term relationship – including that of leaders and team members.

“If you want your team to love, you love them. If you want them to serve, you serve them. If you want them to care, you care about them. If you want them to give their best, you give them your best.” – Jon Gordon

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