I have served for many years in the role of “service producer” in large church environments. When I try to explain to people what that means, I’ve seen the highest level of understanding occur when I say that it’s similar to being the producer of a live television show. Twenty things going on at once, and lots of planning, preparation, allocation of resources, and – of course – team dynamics.

In any live situation, things will go wrong at some point. A big part of leadership is the ability to keep from freaking out when a stressful situation occurs. Calm is the key word – if you are the leader, heads will turn to you to gauge your reaction when there’s a problem. A calm demeanor can actually scale down the perception of an incident from “an emergency” to “an issue.” Simple phrases like “We’re on it” can help Senior Pastors to have confidence that something is being done. Your team will have one question on their minds: “What do we do?” Help them to collectively take a deep breath, quickly gather information and then systematically get to the source of the issue. #creativeworshipideas

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