Lighting can be a touchy subject in churches, particularly to those concerned about “putting on a show.” Ideally, lighting simply provides support – it’s the canvas that whatever action in the service is painted on. Given that, don’t overdo it – every painting doesn’t use every color at once. Lighting should help to take the congregation on the journey, not become the journey. In my church visits and “secret shopper” experiences, I once visited a church where the well-meaning and enthusiastic lighting guy was creating a full-on, Trans-Siberian Orchestra-esque experience in EVERY song [even the quiet ones]. Unfortunately, the end result was the opposite of what he had hoped for – nothing “popped” because everything was constantly in hyper-kinetic motion. Some of the most impactful worship moments I’ve seen have been lit by a single white spotlight…

That being said, I LOVE the creative use of lights in services. I believe that there are indeed times to cut them loose in a service. They [along with video] are the modern-day versions of stained glass. When used tastefully and creatively, they can truly help to create “moments” within worship services. #creativeworshipideas 

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