A short one today for you guitar players out there – if you are going to use effects in a service [and you obviously are, lol], then practice with them. Don’t show up on the weekend with a different effects setup than you used at rehearsal. For the FOH sound person to do his or her job, they need to be able to rehearse with the sounds [and the levels] that are actually going to happen [the same goes for vocalists who are “holding back” during run-through, but that’s a topic in its own right]. Also, make sure that the effect is the right one of the job. I’ve seen [and may have been guilty of myself] guitar players who just bought a new effects box and are going to use it on platform that weekend, no matter what – and a song which should have a smooth distortion sound ends up with a “blown speaker” fuzz, wrecking the vibe. Remember – the song determines the tools, not the other way around. #creativeworshipideas

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