A quick note this morning for those who plan weekend services… People who talk in the services should identify themselves, should be well-prepared and should remember who they’re talking to. It’s easy to forget that first time guests have no clue who church staff people are. Take the following example: [Warning: Lots of parentheses about to occur] A guy gets up to welcome everyone to the service [his name is “Bob,” and he’s the Groups Pastor]. Everyone who attends regularly knows “Bob” because he’s “been around forever” and because he’s “up there every week.” He seems friendly, but rambles on for several minutes and proceeds to tell an insider joke that relies on knowledge of something that happened at the church 3 years ago. The guests in the service guests aren’t “hip” to his “lingo,” have no idea who “Bob” is, and have just been excluded from the opening of the service.

It’s not that difficult to handle spoken sections of the services in a way that works well for both first-time guests and long-time church members – if you’re prepared. Anyone speaking in the service [with the exception of the pastor’s message] should have read it through out loud several times and should be part of a run-through before the service where they practice doing their part where it falls in the flow.

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