Good enough is not good enough. I posted recently about making sure that the desire for excellence doesn’t go too far and turn into destructive perfectionism. However, just as often – if not more so – I’ve seen services that are less than stellar. The reason is that they are built on leftovers – by people giving their leftover time and leftover efforts in churches often funded by leftover money. That’s not OK.

We are representing God. Representing Him to a world that is predisposed to be skeptical, if not downright hostile – conditioned by self-centeredness and apathy, and continually fed distorted views of their Creator by twisted media. They look at us, searching for signs of hypocrisy – not believing what we say, because our actions don’t match our words. Think about it – if you meet someone who is passionate about something, you can see it in their eyes. In the way they talk. In the way they spend their time. In the effort they give. 

I am the first to admit that we will fail many times, regardless of our passion. It’s OK to fail because we are human. It’s not OK to fail because we don’t try… “Sacrifice the art, and you guarantee the message will be heard only by those who, because they already support it, are tolerant of any effort on it’s behalf.” – John Fischer

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