There Are New Songs Yet To Be Written

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A note for worship leaders today… Don’t get too attached to your favorite worship song. A worship song is not holy – God is holy. The first definition of holy in the dictionary is “exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.” A worship song is simply a [temporary] attempt to honor, thank and adore God for His holiness, or to point people towards that holiness. It’s an era-sensitive tool – most worship songs won’t stand the test of time, and that’s OK. The songs also have no inherent value of their own – their worth is in their ability to help us to express our gratitude to God, or to tell others of His grace, righteousness and love.

There are songs that I miss from days gone by. The great news is, I can still pull them out and worship God with them personally. There are also new songs yet to be written, to help those yet to come express their praise. Let’s get busy! #creativeworshipideas 

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