With You, In You and From You

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A quick note to all of you church staff out there… This is the big week. In the midst of all the craziness in the world, we have a chance to point people in the direction of their [and our] only real Hope. We also have the chance to be the calm in the storm. To bring peace in the midst of stress and chaos.

With all of the prep that goes into making Easter happen – exasperated by Covid – we may be tempted to project stress on those around us, or to lash out at those who don’t [yet] get why we do what we do. That’s when we shift focus and remember our mission. Rick Warren hit it recently when he said: “Notice Jesus didn’t say, ‘Blessed are the peace lovers,’ because everyone loves peace. Neither did he say, ‘Blessed are the peaceable,’ who are never disturbed by anything. Jesus Said, ‘God blesses those who work for peace’ – those who actively seek to resolve conflict (Matthew 5:9 NLT). Peacemakers are rare because peacemaking is hard work.” 

It is indeed hard work, but it’s at the core of who we are to be in this world.

Peace be with you, in you and from you this Holy Week, my friends! 

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