Easter is just days away, and – with churches starting to refill as Covid winds down – there may actually be crowds in 2021! Two quick and hopefully helpful tips [one Covid specific, and one for any busy time of the year]:

1. Provide a social distancing option – If you know that services on Easter Sunday are going to be packed, consider a Saturday service that will allow those not yet comfortable with crowds to spread out. It won’t provide “critical mass,” but it will give an option with a sense of more safety for those desiring it;

2. Don’t allow seat saving – This should be a rule any time of the year. I don’t mean a family saving a seat for dad while he parks, or for mom as she checks in the kids. I mean the wholesale blocking off of chunks of seats [or even entire rows] in the hopes that friends or family may show up. This especially gets annoying when the whole room is full as the service is starting – families and guests who have been waiting are not able to sit together while large groups of seats sit unoccupied [I sadly saw two families nearly come to blows over saved seats one Christmas Eve…].

It’s going to be awhile until things are back to normal, but giving options and providing for guests with compassion and clarity can help this Easter at church to be a great experience!

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