Easter is here. Around the world, church staffs are working incredibly hard to make sure that the truth of God’s amazing love for us is expressed through worship services full of creativity and conviction. Giving your team kudos for that hard work is important. Everyone likes it to be recognized when they do a good job.

However, sharing goes beyond a simple “Well done.” Make the thanks personal this year.

First off, document it – write things down that are awesome that you see happening so that you don’t forget. Then follow up post-Easter with one-on-one thanks – with specifics about what each of the people brought to the table to make it great. A hand-written card [actually written by you] or letter really stands out, since so few of those come our way anymore from anyone other than our grandmas.

Publicly thank your team leaders in front of their teams – and your team members in front of their leaders. And then celebrate! Don’t just jump into the next thing with no break – pause and spend a moment together acknowledging that God does incredible things through people that turn their skills, time and hearts over to Him and simply say “Yes!”

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