I’m sure that we’ve all dealt with people who think “I’m special. No one goes through what I go through. My situation is unique.” They can be very frustrating. Know what, though? They’re right…

Their situation IS unique. So is yours. You have been called to reach a specific set of people with the truth of the Gospel. Of course, getting that all-important news out in any and every way possible is critical, but you have been designed to do it most successfully in uniquely specific ways. Your wiring, your experiences, your personality, etc… all play into the way that you can serve best.

As you look into putting your giftings to use, don’t just copy what you see other churches doing. I am a fan of “best practices” [ie what has worked for other people/churches successfully], but the key to it is that you need to adapt their ideas to your specific situation [if they are applicable at all]. Assuming that simply copying what the largest churches do will build things to their size is childish thinking – they utilize those strategies partially because they ARE that size, and because they have structured thing according to THEIR wiring and unique situations. Learn what you can, but – ultimately – each church is a unique expression of God’s love. #creativeworshipideas

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